About H3x News;

H3x News is a blog site that allows me, Aubrey Love II, to write about technology related articles. These articles will range from learning how to code in a specific language, to learning more about technology devices and services. There are even a few “Learn to Hack” articles in here as well!

What started off as a side hobby, I turned into a full-time job. I have not replaced my current job as a fomer Author for Packt Publishing and I strive to provide you with only the best and latest content to help you succeed in your technology journey.

What can you expect from this blog? Pretty much everything technical. We will be covering latest technology trends (What is happening in the world), to education (learn to do something). In due time, I plan on creating a YouTube channel dedicated to this work and release videos on different topics.

About Aubrey Love;

I would like to say thank you for visiting my small little blog post. I have dedicated my entire life to learning about technology, and all of its subsets. From programming simple websites to building servers. I have also worked to repair computers and mobile devices in different organizations. And I have been selected numerous times to be a guest speaker at conferences, colleges, and universities, as well as different organizations to provide support and insight to new members in the technology world.

I have published 2 different books on Barnes & Noble, as well as other 3rd party websites. With plans on writing more books in the near future. I am a published author for Packt Publishing and I still own my own Website Development & Hosting firm with side services including Ethical Hacking.

Aubrey’s Dedications;

My wife, Khristane R. Love. My beloved wife of over 10 Years, has supported my journey throughout the years and never gave up on me. She was always there to guide me and affirm me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She has brought me 4 beautiful babies and has shown me love that I do not deserve.

Khristane Love

Khristane Love ~ Wife

Aubrey’s Education History;

My schooling education began when I graduated from North Hills Private School with my Home School Diploma at the age of 16. From there I went to Weatherford College to study for Game Design & Development. Here I was elected as the leader in 4/5 classes for the project leader, and I assisted in tutoring others. I was not done. I proceeded to ITT Technical Institute for Server Administration and Support, in which I have also studied with CBT Nuggets & E.C. Council for my Ethical Hacking. After that, I went to Ashley University to obtain my Doctorate in Computer Information  Technology. And just when you think I am done, I went through SoloLearn (Powered by LinkedIn), in order to obtain my certifications for Website development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and others.

Doctorate in Computer Information Technology


Aubrey’s Work History;

My Working knowledge I was a Computer repair technician when I was little at my father’s computer shop. After a few years, we moved towards Austin Texas in which I enhanced my knowledge of computers, as well as started developing websites for companies all around Austin. During that time, I also dove into robotics engineering and programming. Why? Because to me, that was fun! After a few years, and after my schooling, I proceeded to become a lead Ruby on Rails Engineer for Hobson AC based out of Weatherford Texas. Shortly after my departure from there, I started my own Website firm and I have worked on websites for all types of companies all over the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Basic Information;

More about who I am;
I am a Christian, Baptist, man who values life and loves my family. I have a devoted and caring wife, and 4 amazing children. I am a Republican by nature and believe in equal rights. Owning my own software firm, a tutor for local colleges, and manager at a couple of jobs, I have strong team leadership skills (not a manager, I lead my fellow workers).
I am a complete Sci-Fi buff, and enjoy learning, more like investigating the conspiracy. Yes, I enjoy watching Unsealed Files, Conspiracy Theory, and other like titles.
For those that wonder, I am Marvel fan. I am not too fond of DC. Sorry.

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