WordPress: Custom Server Installation & Setup

Welcome to another amazing article. Here, we are going to be focusing on setting up a cloud-based server, securing the server, as well as installing & configuring WordPress! What we are going to be covering in this article; Purchasing a Domain Name for our Website Getting our Cloud-Based Server Installing & Configuring the Server (Apache) […]

NodeJS: Starters Guide to NodeJS Programming

NodeJS: What is it?   NodeJS is an open-source framework that is free for us to utilize in the development of web-based applications. NodeJS Capable of running on several platforms, and can easily be installed on Windows, Linux, Unix, and even Mac OS X. NodeJS allows us to generate wonderful dynamic page content, and handle […]

Linux Security (Apache Server Edition)

Linux Security (Apache Server Edition) Today, everyone is concerned about their Linux Security measures, and we will be discussing how to secure your Apache server using free and open-source programs to ensure that your server is secured. Regardless if you are using Virtual Servers (Digital Ocean | AWS | etc.), or you are using in-house […]

CryptoCurrency: How to get started!

Cryptocurrency: How to get Started By now, I am sure you have heard the hype of this new digital currency, Bitcoin. However, some of you may not know that there are several variations of this cryptocurrency. In fact, there are over 30 different types of cryptocurrency. And each one is lucrative in its own way. […]

iPhone VS Android

It has been a long lasted debate as to which phone is prominently the best between the fashion trend iPhone, or the practical Android. Both phones provides some amazing features amongst their kernels and libraries. However, what is really the difference? Are you paying fairly for your phone? You might be over paying for your […]

Getting into Bitcoin

Over the last few years, Bitcoin has been on the rise, and is still rising today. But we cannot have anything good in this world without having others provide negative statements about it. There are still hundreds of thousands of organizations that are accepting Bitcoins as a financial support, and more are being added each […]